Where Pampered Pets Get Their Holiday

The silly season is fast approaching, yes, nearly upon us and we have only just worked out our holiday plans with the family. Unfortunately our destination does not allow us to take our beloved pets along as well and so we must take time to find suitable accommodation for them during our absence. There are numerous boarding kennels for cats and dogs in this country but not all of them would meet our criteria for our pet’s comfort and well being.

This means we must do a bit of research to find a place for them where we would feel happy in the knowledge they were going to get the best of care and attention while we are away.

Happily for us and our pets, Rydges Pet Resort fills the bill with a cattery and dog boarding.

Rydges Pet Resort is a business that is owned and run by a family that has been caring for beloved pets for 35 years or more, proving they are more than qualified for the job. Not only do they care for pets but also breed both dogs and cats, ensuring people get a pet that has an even temperament and is in the best of health. To be able to board your pet it is essential that all vaccinations are up to date for the protection of all boarders. If your pet has a fear of storms like many dogs do, the please inform the staff beforehand so that they are forewarned and ready to deal with this issue. This is just a small indication of the care your pet will receive in your absence, and should give you peace of mind while you are away.

While you are away enjoying your time in your tropical resort your pets will be getting pampered in their own special pet hotel, lapping up the attention and loving the daily grooming. In the event of them not feeling well for some reason the qualified staff will be alerted to it quickly and check them over. Let the staff know if you wish to leave your pets toys with them and also if you would like friends to visit them. They will be happy to assist you and put your mind at ease. Once your pet has been a boarder there, he will be happy to be in familiar surroundings again if you have to leave him behind on future occasions.

As well as dog and cat boarding, you can board your feathered friends at the Rydges Pet Resort. They too will enjoy the best of care during their stay there while you enjoy your vacation. The amount of years this business has been running and flourished is a good indication of the type of establishment it is. Only great businesses will survive this long and are often helped along by word of mouth from satisfied clients. D. Smith stated “If you want to buy a cat or dog, they are the ones to see if you want a healthy good natured pet.” and G. Wellings says “If you want to board your furry feline, doggy friend or your bird, look no further.”

Give Rydges Pet Resort http://www.rydgespetresort.com.au/ a call today on 07 3711 9282 and arrange for the care of your beloved pets while you have a great vacation in perfect peace of mind.