Dog Boarding Services

Looking for accommodation for that special member of the family?  Find comfort for your furry friend in times of stress or holiday season.

Booking your dog into a boarding kennel while you are away is one of the most considerate and responsible decisions a dog owner can make.  Dog boarding kennels, unlike vets or even your friends’ homes, are equipped to deal with all shapes and sizes of dogs who want to run around and let off some steam.

Qualified staff at the boarding kennel will be able to detect any health problems that occur in your absence a lot quicker than if you had a friend do the pet sitting.  Rydges Pet Resort is a proud member of the Association of Pet Boarding and Grooming so you can be sure the staff is trained properly in caring for your dog.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions to put your mind at ease before leaving your dog at our Brisbane dog boarding kennels.


Our Pristine Dog Boarding Facilities

Whether you want to ask about leaving your dogs toys, medications, special food requirements or if your pet can have friends visit in your absence, our friendly staff will be happy to answer any question, big or small.  Vaccinations need to be up-to-date prior to staying at the kennels and vaccination certificates need to be presented.  Sometimes dogs can become stressed with their new environment so to assist staff in recognising any problems, advise them of any personality trait such as fear of thunder.

Generally, dogs that are relaxed and sociable with other dogs and humans will board well.  There is the possibility that your dog may lose some weight while at the dog boarding facility in Brisbane, but usually this is only around 2kgs and in some cases they may put on weight.  If you are relaxed about delivering your dog to the kennel, kept on its leash until the last minute, then your dog will not sense any reason for concern and will probably have the time of its life.