Cat Boarding Services

Looking for accommodation for that special member of the family?  Find comfort for your furry friend in times of stress or holiday season.

Your best option and the one most expected to put you at ease whilst on holiday is to board your cat in a cattery or cat boarding facility in Brisbane.  A cattery is not only secure and equipped to keep cats safely locked in, the staff is skilled in detecting and handling any problems that can and may develop in your absence.  It’s important you know the reputation or credentials of the cattery you intend to use so you know the staff is qualified.

Here at Rydges Pet Resort we are proud to be members of the Association of Pet Boarding and Grooming.  Always feel free to ask any questions to alleviate any qualms you may have, or for any special requests such as bringing in toys, medications or special food.  Cats that require special diets are more than welcome to have their owners bring in their food and staff will ensure your cat only eats the food it requires.


Our Purrfect Boarding Facilities

Don’t be alarmed if your cat withdraws when they arrive at the cattery as this is very normal behaviour for cats.  Unlike dogs they are solitary and will react in a different manner to a different environment.  If your cat has enough room to stretch it will be happy.  Cats prefer to feel safe rather than have extra space so a smaller area can in some ways make them feel more secure.

As your cat becomes familiar with boarding and does it more often, it will be less stressed about the ordeal.  Booking your cat at our kennels for a few short stays preceding a long trip can help them to feel more relaxed when it comes time for them to stay over for a longer period.  Ensure your cat has the required vaccinations done at the right time before staying at the cattery in Brisbane and have your vaccination certificate with you upon booking.